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Aug 03,  · But Just Why is Billie Eilish so popular? Her rapid rise to the top is a success story that many aspiring artists want to emulate. Especially those in her own age group. Through her music, she speaks to her peers on their level and vibes with them seemingly more closely than anyone else in her age-group. A pretty astounding feat for a kid who Estimated Reading Time: Two mins. Response (1 of 6): Shes youthfull, shes got a pretty face, and most importantiy she has been utterly marketed all via her career, shes everywhere. As to her actual musical content, in my opinion as a youthful damsel who has listened and dissected her entire discography, its mostly very mediocre. He. Aug 26,  · In 50 years or so, people will look back on this time and realize, “That was the Billie Eilish Era. That was when music switched. Pop would never be the same”. That’s most certainly the reason Billie Eilish is famous- she’s a game changer, a trailblazer of Estimated Reading Time: Five mins.

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