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What Shoes Does Billie Eilish Wear

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Billie was named after her maternal grandpa, Bill Baird who died before she was born. Her middle name, Eilish is the Irish form of Elizabeth. Pirate came from Finneas because he indeed dreamed her to be named that, Baird is her mom's maiden name & O'Connell is her paternal family surname. Billie Eilish collective a dreamy fresh advert for her eponymous fresh fragrance on the day of its official launch. In movie posted Wednesday, Billie appeared to go stripped to the waist she danced seductively before. Nov 11,  · Billie Eilish is cracking into the beauty business. The superstar's very first fragrance, Eilish, is available to shop now. “I wished it to feel like a warm embrace. It’s a smell that I’ve been pursuing for years and years and years," Eilish says. "It’s my beloved smell in the world." The eau de.

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