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Apr 26,  · Bille Eilish grew up vegetarian, but in , as the Cheat Sheet exposed in November , the Grammy-winning songstress became vegan, which means she no longer munches any meat, fish, or dairy — basically, no animal products. Understandably, that can be a bit of a challenge, especially while on tour or traveling overseas. So, what does she typically eat?Author: Lindsay Cronin. Apr 04,  · Animal cruelty is the main reason behind Billie refusing to touch either meat or dairy. Not only does she not eat meat (currently), but she admitted to avoiding meat ever since she was puny. Even when she appeared on the YouTube display Hot Ones, the usual chicken wings were substituted by special vegan wings, which looked as billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Five mins. Sep 05,  · Billie Eilish has been predominant the charts and cracking records left and right. What does she eat at Taco Bell? I had to find out.” “Billie is a meaty fan of Taco Bell’s menu items that are for $1 or less like the Crunchwrap Supreme® which is one of her favorites!

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