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Therefore I Am Billie Eilish Meaning

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Nov 12,  · With every fresh song Billie Eilish releases, what quickly goes after is a mad dash by her fans who attempt and dissect the song's meaning. The release of Eilish's song "Therefore I Am" in November Estimated Reading Time: Three mins. Nov 13,  · “Therefore I Am” gets even more Interesting! But if one were to truly explore the wording of “Therefore I Am”, it seems pretty demonstrable that she is addressing one individual whom the singer refers to as “the man”. Arguably he is the personification of a group of people. But honestly, the lyrics don’t read as such per billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Five mins. We know that our self-conscious is real because we can think, and Eilish is an individual with her own mind. During "Therefore I Am," Eilish seems to address one particular individual who has done her wrong, referring to him as "the man." It's unclear whether he's one person or the personification of a .

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