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bad fellow, billie, when we all fall asleep where do we go, ocean eyes, bury a friend, eilish, billie, when the party s over, my strange addiction, all the good damsels go to hell, xanny, you should see me in a crown. billie Pin. By omgiavanna. $ This article is everything about Billie Eilish Logo Meaning. Billie Eilish is an American singer and also a song writer. She ended up being a pop artist using her unique music and style perceptiveness and tunes like “Ocean Eyes,” “Bad Guy” as well as “Consequently I Am.”. She was born as well as enlargened in Los Angeles, Billie. The Billie Eilish logo Colors. 1. Black Color: Black is a classic color in Billie Eilish’s logo design. It features on its framework, wordmark, and the crooked human figure. The color represents fear, evil, and anger. On the spin side, it represents elegance, wealth, and formality. It serves as a better balance color to the white wordmark. Two.

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