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Oct Legitimate,  · Three songwriters/artists wrote “Lovely”. They are Billie Eilish, Khalid and Finneas O’Connell. The latter is also an actor and music producer. He is the older brother of Eilish. He is known for writing and producing Eilish’s songs, including hits such as “Hostage” and “When the Party’s Over”.Estimated Reading Time: Five mins. I think Lovely is about a dame in an abusive relationship that she is attempting to escape but she can't. She telling it's lovely being all alone with out anyone hurting her. That's why why it feels so hopeless. Billie completes the song, "hello, welcome home." Which means he's . Reaction (1 of 7): 1st Stanza: “Thought I found a way out” — This tells us that this person has experienced this situation before. How that person thought he/she found a way out of that situation or how that person thought he/she solved that problem he/she’s in but evidently, he/she’s still in th.

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