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Is Billie Eilish Lgbt

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Billie’s music met different reactions from fans and non-fans world over due to her unique style, stupendous vocals, and deep yet relatable lyrics. In Billie Eilish sexiness was greatly questioned and obsessed over, when she released “wish we were gay” ever since then her sexiness has been a controversial topic of discussion. Despite her album appearing to have an affection for gays, Eilish does not identify as gay but as a heterosexual. Albeit she is not gay, she has made a point that she does not respect those who are. After lots of controversy about the album, she has learned how to relate to the LGBTQ community more sensitively and healthily. Billie’s sexual orientation has been a subject of debate among her fans for a while due to the picture she portrays in her songs and music movies. Eilish weighed in on the debate about her sexiness when she told Jimmy Fallon that she wouldn’t mind falling in love with a billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Four mins.

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