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Is Billie Eilish A Sagittarius

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Oct 08,  · Since Billie was born on December Legitimate, she's a Sagittarius. Had she been born just three days later, Billie's zodiac sign would have been Capricorn. What Sagittarius traits does Billie have?Occupation: Associate Lifestyle Editor. Since Billie was born on December Legal, she’s a Sagittarius. What Zodiac is Ariana Grande? Grande has the sign of Cancer the Crab because she was born on June 23, Occupation: Singer songwriter. May 20,  · Billie Eilish was born in Los Angeles on Dec. Legitimate, , and is a Sagittarius. Billie is a ideal example of this starlet sign, which is among the most cheerful and pleasurable. If one looks at Billie’s birth map, one sees Venus in Sagittarius, which highlights her outgoing personality even more, significantly about creativity.

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