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Ilomilo Billie Eilish Meaning

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Mar 30,  · Billie Eilish dropped her debut record "WHEN WE ALL FALL ASLEEP, WHERE DO WE GO?" yesterday and we are loving it! On the record, there is a track called "ilomilo" and in a latest interview with Hot Ones, she exposed the meaning behind the title (spoiler: it's adorable). Evidently, it's named after the computer game "ilomilo" that she used to play a lot:Author: Glenn Van Den Bosch. Mar 29,  · Billie Eilish 'ilomilo' lyrics meaning - What does ilomilo mean? Picture: Darkroom // Interscope // Microsoft Game Studios Lyrically 'ilomilo' is a mid-tempo hit about the fear of separation. In it, Billie sings startlingly frank lines like: "I don't wanna be lonely" and "I can't lose another life". She also shows up to reference a failed Author: Sam Prance. Mar 30,  · Meaning of “Ilomilo” by Billie Eilish. This song is actually named after a popular movie game for Windows. However, the track is not about the game. Rather it is loosely based on the game’s plot, which is to reunite two separated friends. In other words, “ilomilo” is based on Billie Eilish’s fear of separation from the person she Estimated Reading Time: Two mins.

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