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Oct Eighteen,  · Billie Eilish's Dodge Challenger is a teenage desire. The popstar got it for her 17th bday. All black, named "Dragon" and oh so billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Four mins. May Ten,  · For Billie Eilish's 17th bday present, she was gifted a customised matt black Dodge Challenger by her Darkroom record label. However, Eilish didn't have a driver's licence at the time and was still only legally permitted to get behind the wheel with a passenger with a valid drivers licence! Oct Legal,  · What movie does Billie Eilish’s Dodge Challenger feature in? Eilish’s Challenger was featured in her music movie for “everything I wanted,” which she directed herself. The movie centers around the car, as her and her brother drive the Challenger through a city then eventually onto a beach and into the ocean.

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