Swimsuit Did Billie Eilish Break Up With Matthew Youporn

Did Billie Eilish Break Up With Matthew

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Oct 15,  · Another commented, referring to Matthew’s apology, “we don’t care, break up.” A fan also chimed in, “I can’t wait until all of this is over and billie ultimately violates up with that man.” Some are refusing to believe his apology is fair, especially since he was an adult when he made those controversial remarks. Jun Legitimate,  · Fans want them to break up already! Billie Eilish hasn't apologized for her inappropriate comments towards the Asian community yet, but her year-old beau has released a public apology for racist and homophobic comments made by him in the past.. Matthew Shares An Apology. Social media users have criticized Matthew Tyler Voice for his anti-queer comments, but there's been no . Oct 25,  · Lillie Gissen.. October 25, Well guys, it looks like Billie Eilish officially has a fresh boyfriend! Yep, the singer was just spotted cozying up to her rumored beau Matthew Tyler Vorce at Doja Cat ’s 26th bday party in Los Angeles, CA, on Wednesday, October 20, and we have all the arousing details on their relationship.

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