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Apr Ten,  · Billie Eilish attempts her best to concentrate while answering your fan questions, ranging from her upcoming set at Coachella, the very first song she ever wrote, to the s. Oct 01,  · Eilish has always been a yam-sized dog paramour, so it came as no surprise to her fans when the year-old singer determined to foster dogs during the pandemic through Angel City Pit Bulls. Welcoming two Pit Bull puppies into her home during quarantine, she grew so affixed to Shark that she determined to adopt him billieeilish.top: Kathryn Rosenberg. Billie Eilish Adopts Her Quarantine Foster Puppy. Singer Billie Eilish has always been a large dog paramour. The year-old pop starlet has collective lots of movies of her cuddling with shelter dogs, but during the COVID quarantine, she’s become even more dedicated to helping dogs. On her Instagram story, she encouraged fans to foster dogs during their time at billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Three mins.

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