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Sep 30,  · The Inwards Scoop On Billie Eilish’s Ultra Long Manicure In British Vogue By Hannah Coates Truly a woman after our own hearts, Eilish’s mani malfunction came as she was liking a universally delicious delicacy, and one that requests an enthusiastic bite – evidence of which comes in the form of the harm caused. Nov 11,  · Instagram/Billie Eilish. Billie hasn't had the fairy tattoo for very long. It was very first spotted at the No Time to Die premiere on September 28, only two weeks after her Old Hollywood glam Met Gala. May 03,  · Pop starlet Billie Eilish is featured in the June issue of British Vogue magazine. Eilish originally began exposing her fresh look by ditching what became her signature green and black hair for blonde locks, layers and bangs in March.

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