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Billie Eilish vocal range. According to our database the vocal range of this artist is: E3 - D6 ( octaves) Song with the LOWEST pitch: COPYCAT (E3-G5) User likes: Tatyana Mordiva Landu Z E L Ilaria Giangaspero you were my abience. Ilayda Ozcan Angie Ema Deruelle Elle Boatwright somebody. Feb 23,  · Vocal Range and Voice Profile: Billie Eilish. Critic of Music February 23, September Ten, Vocal Range: D3 – B4 – G5 (2 octaves, Two notes and a semitone) Vocal Fach: Light Lyric Soprano/Soubrette. Vocal Rating: Singer. Analysis: A soft, light, and airy voice that has become synonymous with an entire style of singing. Response (1 of 7): Her voice as far as range has been used somewhat reservedly. This just goes to display that range is in part behavioral and stylistic. Most of Billie Eilish’s songs are in a croon; she is seldom belting or reaching for the extremities of her voice. That said, there are some standout.

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