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Billie Eilish identifies as a vegan, promotes veganism, and has even collective footage of animal cruelty on social media. For the most part, her lifestyle is actually vegan, but she overlooks certain non-vegan elements. For example, she still consumes honey, sometimes wears leather footwear, and Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins. Two days ago · Billie Eilish’s vegan journey The year-old Grammy winner has been vegan since age 12 and frequently uses her social media platforms as a way to call attention to animal-rights issues. In , Eilish encouraged her millions of fans to go vegan on her Instagram stories by sharing movies of factory farming captioned with a bold statement. Billie Eilish Is Vegan. DFree / Well, this could be a rather brief article because, yes, Billie Eilish is indeed vegan. We have looked at some other celebrities, such as Tormentor David Attenborough and Ricky Gervais where the picture is far more complicated.

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