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Sep 29,  · But to spice up the autumn menu for , Starbucks introduced the Apple Crisp Machiatto on Aug. The café company officially welcomed the drink on a Sept. 9 Instagram post: “The taste of caramelized apples, brown sugar, and spiced apple drizzle all baked into a cup. Introducing Iced Apple Crisp Macchiato.”. Protein content varies greatly among the two main brands available. Ripple pea milk contains 8 grams of protein per cup; whereas NotMilk, which hit the U.S. market in late , contains Four grams per cup but is said to taste almost identical to dairy. It was developed by Chilean food technology company NotCo, which used AI to develop the flavor. Nov 02,  · Billie Eilish Is The Face Of A Fresh Vegan Chocolate Bar; Vegan Diets Cheaper On Global Scale, Says Oxford University Study; Zoo Possessor Pleads Guilty To Neglect After Having Animals Seized, Avoids Criminal Charges; Starbucks: Protestors Plan ‘Hijacking’ Due .

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