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Billie Eilish sexiness Just like we stated at the beginning of this post, Billie Eilish Sexiness is a controversial topic of discussion. Emotions ran high particularly from the LGBT community after the release of her song; Wish we were gay in They were of the opinion that Billie disrespected their community with the song. Billie Eilish has called for an end to speculation over her sexiness, telling that it is no one “else’s business”.. The year-old singer faced criticism earlier this year after social media users accused her of “queerbaiting” by hinting that she may be part of the LGBTQ+ community as a way of marketing her fresh single, “Lost Cause”.. Eilish had posted behind-the-scenes. Billie’s sexual orientation has been a subject of debate among her fans for a while due to the pic she portrays in her songs and music movies. Eilish weighed in on the debate about her sexiness when she told Jimmy Fallon that she wouldn’t mind falling in love with a billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Four mins.

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