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Eilish is putting herself in the role of Satan – a fallen angel who was cast out of Heaven after rebelling against God. By desiring to “be like the Most High” the Demon in effect wished to overthrow the billieeilish.topted Reading Time: 9 mins. Billie Eilish is not satanic. Despite Eilish’s unique look and sound, the music movie was a call to arms about global crises and not a depiction of the singer’s spiritual beliefs. Eilish is not the very first singer to use religious iconography in her work and she won’t be the last, not to mention that many people are confused about what Satanism actually is. Ben Houdijk / billieeilish.top Satanism and its RootsEstimated Reading Time: Four mins. Is Billie Eilish another pop singer used for satan’s agenda? I am % wooed Billie Eilish is managed by the satan, even to the point of demonization. She seems to have several telltale symptoms of demonization. Billie admitted she suffers from Tourette Syndrome which I believe can be the consequence of demonization. She suffers from figure dysmorphia, depression, and billieeilish.topted Reading Time: 9 mins.

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