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Sep 29,  · In her words, Billie voiced her thoughts regarding the issue while she was on an interview with Vanity Fair, ” There’s this picture of me running from my car to my brother’s front door on like a degree day in a tank top. And people were like, “Damn! Billie got fat!”. Evidently, some had believed that Billie had added weight as she looked different from the regular. However, Billie . Dec 01,  · Billie Eilish has responded to the brutal comments made about her assets after photos of her running around in a tank top went viral. In October, photos of the 'Therefore I Am' singer wearing a pair of cut-offs, sliders and a tank top began circulating the internet. Billie looked absolutely fine, of course, but she was soon subjected to judgemental comments about her assets form from billieeilish.top: Jazmin Duribe. Jan 29,  · January 28, | pm Billie Eilish opened up about her relationship with her bod in an interview with Vanity Fair. Getty Photos When Billie Eilish was photographed wearing a Author: Hannah Southwick.

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