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Apr 26,  · Billie Eilish. Quizzes QUIZ: How well do you know Billie Eilish? 26 April , | Updated: 30 November , By Nicky Idika Can you ace this trivia quiz about everyone's favourite teenage pop starlet, Billie Eilish? year-old Billie Eilish Author: Nicky Idika. Dec 12,  · You might know enough about Billie Eilish to pass some of our more casual quizzes, but you’re in the big leagues now, kid! If you think you know enough trivia about the significant American singer-songwriter to pass this quiz, then proceed to put your money where your mouth is and prove it with the following series of harsh questions! Let’s see how much you know in the ultimate Billie. The Ultimate Billie Eilish Fan Quiz. ENTERTAINMENT By: Ashley Ehman. 6 Min Quiz Image: Darkroom / Interscope About This Quiz. When an up-and-coming artist asks their social media followers to check out their music on SoundCloud, it is usually paired with an eye-roll and a quick dismissive scroll. However, one of the top pop icons of the moment Estimated Reading Time: Four mins.

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