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Aug 30,  · ER nurses who met during pandemic get engaged in epic proposal. (CNN) The German edition of Nylon magazine has found itself on the bad side of "Bad Guy" singer Billie Eilish. Aug 30,  · Billie Eilish has called out Nylon Germany for reimagining her as a braless avatar on the magazine’s latest cover.. The chart-topping songstress shows up as a bald robot - despite the year-old not being notified by the publication. When the magazine collective a preview of the now-viral cover, the US singer quickly took to the comments section to state that she had not given Nylon permission Author: Danielle Fowler. Aug 31,  · Billie Eilish has found a fresh bad stud. The freshly minted VMA-winner blasted Nylon Germany this week for posting a photoshopped picture of Eilish Estimated Reading Time: Three mins.

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