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May 11,  · It brings me joy.”. In her debut book, Billie EIlish, which is out today via Grand Central Publishing/Hachette Book Group, the Grammy winner looks back Author: Brittany Spanos. May 15,  · What Makes Billie Eilish’s Fresh Book Different From the Typical Celebrity Memoir Embarking with challenging what a “memoir” even looks like. By Allegra Frank. May 15, Allegra Frank. May Nineteen,  · While that didn't pan out, the superstar has fulfilled that interest, to some extent, at Nineteen with the release of her fresh book aptly titled Billie Eilish. In the page hardcover book, which was released via Grand Central Publishing, Eilish produces a concept similar to the mission behind a scrapbook, chronicling key moments from birth, childhood, rising teenage starlet to global phenomenon.

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