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By Emily Gaynor and Abby McIntosh Secondary photos: Robert Rumsey Billie Eilish just had the best night. The year-old took home two American Music Awards and set the stage ablaze with a spectacle of “All the Good Ladies Go to Hell” (shoutout to Billie for at the same time making a statement on climate switch during her set).Estimated Reading Time: Four mins. Nov 12,  · This week, vegan singer Billie Eilish released a vegan milk chocolate bar named after her fresh album “Happier Than Ever.” The percent milk chocolate bar is rainforest alliance-certified, organic, and manufactured in Germany, and features ingredients such as rice milk powder, tiger nut powder, raw cane sugar, hazelnut paste, chocolate liquor, bourbon vanilla extract, and sea salt. Oct 22,  · Billie Eilish has exposed her debut fragrance came to her by her synaesthesia. I felt so much love for Dax Shepard after he sucked out my clogged milk duct; Sheriff Volek’s death, like his.

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