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In her lime-green era, Billie sure knew how to rock black and lime-green. Here, her mesh Gucci face mask features speckles of the logo in lime-green via. The sunglasses add a hint of 'The Matrix' inspiration as well. While we're certainly used to watching Billie Eilish rocking edgy grey hair — or her current black and green hair look — there is no doubt that the star's natural hair color is absolutely beautiful. In the photos above, you can see Billie as a youthfull teenage, with gorgeous golden blonde billieeilish.topted Reading Time: 6 mins. It'd be hard to find an artist with a style that's fairly like Billie Eilish' has done a crazy good job at carving out a space for herself in style and music. But tho' you very likely won Estimated Reading Time: Two mins.

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