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Oct 08,  · Nicole's sister is a big fan of Billie Eilish, so Nicole went all out for her sister's bday by gifting her concert tickets to see the pop starlet. There wasn't an over-the-top reaction from Nicole's sister, but the surprise clearly meant a lot to her. Oct 08,  · Lauren Bartlett's little sister Ellie has never been to a concert. For her 14th bday, Lauren determined to surprise her with tickets to see her dearest artist Billie Eilish next year! Of course, you can't just give your sister concert tickets without a little game very first. After popping balloons and deciphering the surprise, Ellie's excited face said it all! Aug 25,  · She's not your little sister's Disney princess. Billie Eilish is not your little sister's Disney princess in the fresh trailer for the singer's upcoming Disney+ concert special, More satisfied Than Author: Gil Kaufman.

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