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Apple Music Alternative. Like the soulful singer/songwriters that came before her, ‘10s upstart Billie Eilish crafts raw, fair songs that get their jolt from her vulnerable vocals. On the dreamy breakup lament “ocean eyes,” Eilish's forthright spectacle brings to mind the tender honesty of Amy Winehouse and the frankness of SZA; tracks like “COPYCAT” give an electro-pop makeover to the Arctic Monkeys' . Influencers. Skylar Grey. Frank Ocean. Earl Sweatshirt. Marina & the Diamonds. Play the finish artist's influences playlist! Oct 25,  · Year-Old Music Prodigy Billie Eilish On Influences, Inspiration And What She's Listening To RN. Five quick questions with the rising starlet. Oct 25, am. Most people's teenage years were a blur of glitter eyeshadow and lame unrequited crushes, but that's not the case for Billie Eilish. At just 15, she's already got an astounding oeuvre Estimated Reading Time: Trio mins.

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