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Billie Eilish In Hoodie

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Billie Eilish was spotted out and about on Valentine’s Day wearing an Angel Demon Black Hoodie with Silver Glitter ($) and Black Sweatpant with Silver Glitter ($) by Soto, a Hollow Blohsh Beanie from her merch ($ + digital album) and AWGE x Under Armor SRLo Triple Black Flame Edition Traners (Sold Out). Sep 23,  · These days, Eilish is calling the shots more than ever before. After famously shooting to the top of the music charts at just 13 when “Ocean Eyes,” the single she created in her L.A. bedroom. Oct 05,  · Billie Eilish will become the Glastonbury Festival's youngest-ever solo headliner when she takes the stage at the event. posing herself wearing a Glastonbury hoodie .

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