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Billie Eilish Hot Pics. Two more singles, ‘Watch’ and ‘Copycat,’ were subsequently released. With the song’s achievement, she disclosed her debut EP, named ‘Don’t Smile at Me,’ in August The EP occurred on many American and international music charts. RELATED: 33 Estimated Reading Time: Two mins. Billie Eilish pounds every dress she wears whether liberate, baggy shirts, or taut clothes but yes, there’s something enchanting about her whenever she is seen in taut costumes. Her photos with tongue outside her mouth are something guys went crazy for and her bluish-grey eyes are just amazingly gorgeous. Check: 22 Sexy Photos of Billie Eilish in Taut Cloths. Billie’s latest trending photo online, which shows her on the front cover of the Vogue magazine in June is undoubtedly an Internet Breaker! Spot her radiant skin and fearless expression as she captions the photo, “It’s all about what makes you feel good.”.

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