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Oct 05,  · This shows that Billie Eilish has experienced an unparalleled music career off the back of the very very first song she released with her brother, Ocean Eyes. And while it was that very song that turned her into the famous popstar she is today, the foundations for her music career were certainly laid when Eilish began writing songs as a billieeilish.topted Reading Time: Four mins. Jul 25,  · was the year of Billie billieeilish.top debut album, When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?, was released to critical acclaim and reached the top of Billboard and featured many hit songs we could not avoid, such as "Bad Guy" and "Bury A Friend." Related: Ten Unknown Facts About Billie Eilish Once the 62nd Annual Grammy Awards flipped around, it would become Billie's thickest Author: Rebekah Mcpherson. 33 rows · American singer Billie Eilish has released Two studio albums, one live album, 1 movie album, Four Live albums: 1.

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