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Jun 11,  · And on thursday Billie Eilish When they loved a VIP journey to Disneyland, they seemed to test the skepticism surrounding the racy snaps by going out with her bf, actor Matthew Vorce. California.. The year-old woman is depicted loosening to year-old Matthew for the past few months. Jun 12,  · Billie Eilish, Nineteen, liked a day at Disneyland with bf Matthew Tyler Vorce, 29! The “everything i ever wanted” singer displayed off her blonde hair Author: Cassie Gill. Jun 12,  · BILLIE Eilish and her actor bf Matthew Tyler Vorce were holding mitts while they were on a magical date to Disneyland. Billie, Nineteen, and Matthew, 29 appeared to be having a joy date night during their Disney tour. Billie and Matthew, who both had face masks on, were joined on their date by a bodyguard during their VIP tour. The duo made.

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