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Songs in this list are covers recorded by Billie Eilish that exist as either a studio recording or live spectacle. "Bad" "Call Me Back" "Can't Help Falling in Love" "Dancing on My Own" "Dollhouse" "Eres Tú" "Hotline Bling" "if u want me" "Jealous" "Left Side" "Secret" "Sex" "Smells Like Teenage Spirit" "Soap" "Subside" "Sunny" "The End of the World" "The Hill" "Thinkin' Bout You" "Water. Aug Legitimate,  · Billie Eilish. In August , the time Grammy champ suggested her stripped-down take on Eilish's debut song. In a movie collective on Instagram, Keys sings emotionally while playing the piano. COPYCAT idontwannabeyouanymore my boy observe party favor bellyache oceans eyes hostage bored six feet under bitches violated hearts lovely!!!!! bad man xanny.

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