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Jul 12,  · Billie Eilish has sparked backlash for telling she identifies with Cindy McPhearson, a character from The Boondocks animated adult series — a character meant to satirize suburban white chicks appropriating black culture.. This comes less than a month after she apologized for using a racial slur. “I think my beloved cartoon character honestly would be Cindy from The Boondocks,” she said in. Jul 12,  · Billie Eilish has been called out by fans for a resurfaced interview where she said Cindy from The Boondocks is her dearest cartoon character.. The Boondocks is an adult animated series that aired on Adult Swim from to Across its four seasons, the demonstrate explored the lives of a Black family who resides in a predominately white neighborhood. This write-up is everything about Billie Eilish Boondocks. Billie Eilish is an American singer as well as a song writer. She ended up being a pop artist by way of her unique music and style sensibilities and also tracks like “Ocean Eyes,” “Bad Guy” and also “For that reason I Am.”.

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