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Behind the curtain, people in the public eye live an grueling life. Normal things like going to the mall and eating at a restaurant are near unlikely for celebrities in the limelight to love without being bombarded with paparazzi and unwanted attention. Being in the global spotlight isn’t just about glamour and fame, especially for child celebrities. Growing up without experiencing life. Billie Eilish protested against assets shaming at a latest concert, with a demonstration that included a hard-hitting speech and her removing her oversize T-shirt. "Some people hate what I wear. Billie Eilish has taken a subtle stance against body-shamers as fresh photos of her have circulated online. On Tuesday night, the year-old "Bad Guy" singer collective a brief movie from Chizi Duru, in which the YouTuber encourages fans "to begin normalizing real bodies." "Not everybody has a wagon behind 'em, OK?Estimated Reading Time: Four mins.

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