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Billie Eilish Bad Guy Costume

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May 15,  · Hey @Epic Dodge! I just desired to let you know that in your post you kept attacking the writer of the article, for writing something bad about Billie Eilish. I’m not sure you realized that you did the same thing by slut-shamming many popular female artists. Just so you know, slut-shamming is a enormous problem in society these days. Nov 02,  · We have a movie here featuring Danny Elfman and Billie Eilish performing songs as Jack Skellington and Sally in Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas in costume! Elfman and Eilish are dressed as their characters at The Nightmare Before Christmas live-to-film concert practice at the Banc of California Stadium in Los Angeles on Friday. Oct 31,  · Billie Eilish performed a fan-favorite song from The Nightmare Before Christmas alongside its creator Danny Elfman over the weekend.. The singer, Nineteen, took the stage at the Banc of California stadium for the live-to-film concert practice and performed Sally's Song from the movie which came out almost 30 years ago.. The Grammy-winner wore a patchwork dress styled to look just .

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