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Dec 11,  · Billie Eilish opened up about her upcoming 18th bday and why she's panicked about the upcoming milestone. "I'm genuinely appalled to turn Eighteen even however I've looked forward to turning Eighteen my entire life." Billie Eilish is often praised for achieving so much at such a youthfull age. The singer is only 17 years old, but she nabbed a number one album Author: Nicky Idika. Dec 20,  · Billie turned Eighteen years old today, and Drake is already shooting his shot. The rapper reached out to her via Twitter and said that he's been "waiting" for her to turn Legal, the legal age of consent in the United States and Canada. Last month, in an interview with Vanity Fair, the teenage singer opened up about her friendship with the year-old Estimated Reading Time: Two mins. Sep 06,  · Billie Eilish is known for her single "Bad Guy." The singer Billie Eilish exposed in a fresh interview that she desired the option to demonstrate her assets when she turned "I'm gonna be a woman. I wanna showcase my body," the year-old singer told Elle. "What if I .

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