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Dec 05,  · Billie Eilish says that when she was 14 years old, people told her to smile and talk about self-love, instead of releasing moody songs. An envelope. It indicates the capability to send an email. A stylized bird with an open mouth, tweeting. Olivia Singh. Dec 04,  · Billie Eilish in her music movie for “Bad Guy.”. Eilish went on to say that she’s grown since, “but then, I was a little year-old. I didn’t know anything about self-love or self-care. All I knew was the stuff that I knew, and a lot of it was bad and negative.”. “That’s what I desired to write about, and that’s why people Estimated Reading Time: Trio mins. Nov 22,  · At the ripe age of years-old, Billie Eilish has already caused fairly a stir. The L.A.-based homeschooled singer's debut track "Ocean Eyes" made Author: Mathias Rosenzweig.

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