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Who Are Billie Eilish Parents

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Feb 26,  · Billie Eilish, Nineteen, is the daughter of Maggie Baird and Patrick O’Connell. Baird has had a TV career as she has starred in series such as Bones, The X-Files, and Six Feet Under. She also performed on Broadway and released her debut studio album, We Sail in Author: Patrizia Rizzo. Jul Legitimate,  · In today’s blog post we are going to be talking about Billie’s parents, who they are? and how have they helped Billie in her career. Billie’s Mother is an Actress You read that right guys, Billie’s mother Maggie Baird is a successful American actress as . Nov 12,  · Billie Eilish's Parents, Father Patrick O'Connell, And Mother Maggie Baird, Opted For IVF To Conceive Her. Later, The Duo Homeschooled Eilish And Her Brother. HollywoodMask.

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