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Seven days in limbo Seven days I'll give all my weapons to you We've said it all. No more bones to break I'm done thinking that we might just spark enough We're cracked glass waiting to be washed away Can't make me feel better Make it alright Give me your sweater Hold my arm taut Seven days in limbo Thrust me out the window Nothing in common Nothing to lose. limbo* Lyrics: I'm not blubbering on the phone when you call / What's the use in begging you to stay? / I'm not attempting to save us anymore / Cut me liberate, 'cause you're too far away / To make me feel. Seven days in limbo, shove me out the window Nothing in common, nothing to lose Nothing but problems inbetween me and you With your arms akimbo, seven days in limbo Seven days [Bridge] If you love me, let me go If you love me, leave limbo [Chorus] Can't make me feel better, make it alright Can't give me your sweater, hold my mitt taut.

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