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Dating Billie Eilish. GIF by billieeilishgifs. Is such a touchy feeling gf and you love it. Hugs you from behind when you're doing anything. Holds your hip as she is driving around. The most beautiful songs she's made are about you and how you make her feel. Going on tour together. Mdlg. Billie Eilish x Reader. You breathe and slump down on the curb. Nowhere to go. All your friends are in a different state and you obviously cant walk back into Jess's house. You groan and begin to sob. You gave jess Two years of your life and you let her see you in littlespace. Apr Eighteen,  · Billie Eilish X female Reader🌈 lengths vary. When Desmond Mellow transfers to an elite all-boys high school, he instantaneously gets a bad impression of his fresh deskmate, Ivan billieeilish.tops:

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