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Aug 15,  · Billie Eilish: Steal Her Sunglasses Style. Billie Eilish is best known for being an American teenage sensation! She is a year old singer/songwriter, hailing from Los Angeles, California. Eilish very first came to prominence following the release of her single ‘Ocean Eyes’ on music sharing website, Isabelle Herring. In April , Billie wore orange wraparound Vogue Eyewear sunglasses with pallid brown lenses. The shades flawlessly matched her grunge ensemble, with beige high-top sneakers lined with orange, ripped orange pants and a brilliant orange sweatshirt. Poised on the edge of a marble bathtub, Eilish looked every bit the punk queen. See pictures and shop the latest style and style trends of Billie Eilish, including Billie Eilish wearing Modern Sunglasses, Novelty Sunglasses, Sporty Shades and more.

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