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Jun 01,  · Dragged out words like “NOWWWWW” and the slightly hysterical tone in “FIVE ARE YOU KIDDING” mimic speech, it is as if Eilish is talking not writing. In others, she writes in lower-case entirely - vague phrases like “been gone” or “careful who ya talkin to” that come across as fragments of billieeilish.topted Reading Time: 7 mins. billie eilish talking about old boys M views Detect brief movies related to billie eilish talking about old studs on TikTok. See popular content from the following creators: David Llamas(@billieeilish.top), Zolvin(@zolvin), RachelWinbigler(@rachelwinbigler), billie eilish(@iilusionbillie), billieeilishtours(@billietours).

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