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Sep 26,  · Billie Eilish and more starlets make a splash at Doja Cat’s bday party Billie Eilish launches fresh fragrance in body-inspired bottle Security was a “Lost Cause” during Billie Eilish’s. Oct 20,  · Billie Eilish’s latest project might make fragrance-loving fans more satisfied than ever. On Wednesday, the pop starlet announced on Instagram that she’s set to release her very first fragrance, Eilish. Oct 04,  · While on stage, Billie took a moment to wedge Texas’ limitary fresh law against abortions. Click inwards to read more “I’m sick and tired of old boys. Shut the f–k up about our bodies,” Billie said in a movie captured by a fan, as the words “Bans Off Our Bodies” flashed on the screen behind her on stage. Last month, Texas passed a fresh law permitting private citizens to sue.

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