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Billie Eilish New Album Tracklist

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Apr 28,  · Previously, Eilish told Australia's Herald-Sun in September that her fresh LP would be a "vaccine record,” describing it as the "album everyone's out dancing in the streets to." 1. Getting Older. Two. I Didn’t Switch My Number. Three. Billie Bossa Nova. Four. my future. Five. Oxytocin. 6. GOLDWING. 7. Lost Cause. 8. Halley’s Comet. 9. Not My Responsibility. OverHeated. Author: Hayden Brooks. Jul 30,  · More satisfied Than Ever is the 2nd studio album by Billie Eilish. cover artwork and announced the release of a fresh single on April 29, The . Jul 26,  · The track list for Billie Eilish's fresh album 'Happier Than Ever' is eventually available: 'Getting Older' 'I Didn’t Switch My Number' 'Billie Bossa Nova' 'my future' 'Oxytocin' 'GOLDWING' 'Lost Cause' 'Halley’s Comet' 'Not My Responsibility' 'OverHeated' 'Everybody Dies' Estimated Reading Time: Trio mins.

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