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Billie Eilish Neon Hair

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Mar Legal,  · Billie Eilish's neon-green hair created a movement but its time is up now! The Grammy-winning singer has taken the world by storm with her music and originality, and her effortlessly capability to kick-start a fresh trend every now and then. Her neon roots have been Billie's signature look for almost three years now and the singer has determined to switch it up a bit. Mar Eighteen,  · The award-winning singer previously rocked neon green-and-black hair color for a while, as seen most recently at the GRAMMYs, where she performed her hit song, "Everything I Wanted," which Author: Amy Lee‍. Mar 06,  · You better take a seat 'cause you're not ready for this!Hello beauty babes!! Do you want to see an extreme transformation into Billie Eilish? The pop starlet is.

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