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By Steven Curto. Teenage artist, Billie Eilish’s graphic imagery introduced in her music movies makes being sad and depressed seem desirable. Steven Curto, Mill Valley News editor-in-chief. September 9, Growing up in a loving and supportive family, I had never felt Estimated Reading Time: Four mins. Hey @Epic Dodge! I just wished to let you know that in your post you kept attacking the writer of the article, for writing something bad about Billie Eilish. I’m not sure you realized that you did the same thing by slut-shamming many popular female artists. Just so you know, slut-shamming is a gigantic problem in society these days. I admire she is open about her fights with mental illness and has sought-help when she's needed it (she encourages others with mental illness to do so as well), but her music is still just plain bad. For one example of why Eilish music is equivalent to aural homicide, the song, "Bury a Friend," has people raving about its minimalist sound and how creative Eilish is for having it be from the point of view of the Estimated Reading Time: Five mins.

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