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Billie Eilish Happier Than Ever Album Cover

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Billie Eilish | Store 'Happier Than Ever' One-Of-A-Kind Splatter-Painted Album Cover CD. Hand-Painted by Billie. + Includes ” x ” art card, hand-painted by Billie. More satisfied Than Ever Masculine Fantasy. Limited to Four per order. Only available in the US. Jul 30,  · “It wasn't compelled, it wasn't pressured, it wasn't scary,” Billie Eilish tells Apple Music of making More satisfied Than Ever.. “It was nice.” Once again written and recorded entirely with her brother FINNEAS, Eilish’s 2nd LP finds the year-old singer-songwriter in a deeply reflective state, using the very first year of the pandemic to process the many ways her life has switched and she’s Released on: July 30, Apr 27,  · NME. ‘Happier Than Ever’ fully establishes Billie Eilish as one of her generation’s most significant pop artists – and, better still, does so without repeating a single trick from the debut that turned her life upside down. Total Review. 3mo. Best of %(33).

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