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Sep 27,  · Billie Eilish jets out of NYC holding palms with her bf. She wowed crowds at the Governors Ball over the weekend. But Billie Eilish, Nineteen, was spotted with her number one fan - . Nov 12,  · The More Mysterious Figure Art: Billie Eilish’s Fairy Arm Tattoo. The tattoo on Billie’s forearm, spotted by eagle-eyed fans, consists of two fairies huddled close together. The design is all-black and was performed by the artist Dragon Ink of Bang Bang NYC. The latter is a celebrity-loved tattooist. Oct 01,  · Billie Eilish subtly debuted fresh ink at the “No Time to Die” premiere Tuesday, where she gave fans a peek at an apparent fairy tattoo on her left mitt. While the pop starlet, Nineteen, has yet to Author: Hannah Southwick.

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