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Feb 24,  · In “bellyache,” Billie tells a fictional story about murder from the perspective of a psychopath. The song concentrates on themes of guilt, as exposed by Billie in an interview with. Feb 07,  · Billie’s style, which is reminiscent of black style icons such as Aaliyah and Dapper Dan, features hoop earrings, chains, Jordans, oversized baggy designer clothes and gaudy acrylic bangs. Albeit Billie has stated in a movie for Calvin Klein that she wears baggy clothes to prevent fans from voicing their opinions on her figure, I can’t. Nov Nineteen,  · by Billie Eilish. 1,, views, added to favorites 48, times C C/G They'll be here pretty soon Am Am * Lookin' through my room Em Em/B E Em/B * For the money C C/G I'm bitin' my drills Am Am * I'm too youthful to go to C Maybe it's in the gutter Am Where I left my paramour Em What an expensive fake C My V is for Vendetta Am Thought that.

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