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Billie Eilish Tickets Billie Eilish Tickets. The performer known as Billie Eilish has been working hard to achieve her wish of being a stage sensation since she began singing in the Los Angeles Children's Chorus at the age of eight. Her brother and both of her parents are also lifelong performing artists, which made her no stranger to the. Nov 02,  · On Saturday, Graves will ultimately get to the stage for her long-awaited recording. While this is her very first comedy album, Graves has been performing for more than a decade. In fact, it was the decade mark that she was striving for to record her very first album. But never did she think that once it was scheduled in March that it wouldn't happen. Jul 29,  · Budweiser Stage: Toronto, Ontario, Canada: Jun 29, Journey / Pretenders Cancelled: Riverbend Music Center: Cincinnati, Ohio, United States: Jun 24, Journey / The Pretenders: Fed Ex Forum: Memphis, Tennessee, United States: May Eighteen, !!!COVID19 CANCELLED!!! Journey and The Pretenders**NO Fresh DATE** Rogers Arena: Vancouver, British.

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