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Bellyache Billie Eilish Lyrics

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What Are the Meanings Behind Billie Eilish's Songs? | POPSUGAR E. But now I got a bellyache Everything I do The way I wear my noose Like a necklace I wanna make 'em panicked Like I could be anywhere Like I'm reckless I lost my mind I don't mind Where's my mind Where's my mind Maybe it's in the gutter Where I left my paramour What an expensive fake My V is for Vendetta Thought that I'd feel better But now I got a bellyache. Feb 24,  · bellyache Lyrics: Mind / Mind / Sittin' all alone / Mouth total of gum / In the driveway / My friends aren't far / In the back of my car / Lay their bods / Where's my mind? / Where's my mind.

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